10 most common jobs for dogs

10 most common jobs for dogs

Lots of dog breeds were developed to play some tasks and have grown special talents, for these reasons they’ve been employed to perform some jobs. On this post, you will know the 10 most common jobs for dogs

1 Sniffer

As sniffers, dogs can work as a police dog in search of drugs, weapons, bombs and even people missing in catastrophes and accidents and also kidnapped.

They can also work in airports, customs and the border between countries, alongside local authorities. Some breeds of dogs, such as Labradors, golden retrievers, and Shepherds, may have as many as 200 million olfactory cells (as against 5 million humans). Therefore, they are the # 1 choice when something doesn’t smell well.

2 Therapy Dog

Dogs may also be successful therapists, providing a calming presence to individuals in hospitals or nursing homes.

These people usually go through a lot of stress and some dogs are especially able to make them feel good. Any breed of dog can become a therapy dog as long as they are well-behaved and extremely obedient.

3 Water Rescue

Some dogs love water. The big and strong dog breeds, when well trained, can become great water rescue. Unlike land rescue dogs, water rescue dogs are not required for tracking. They can track you around water, but this wouldn't be useful when lost at sea.

The most famous water rescue dog is the Newfoundland, beyond the strong physique and a large lung capacity, they also have webbed toes which act as paw flippers to better propel them through the water making them perform a unique movement through the water which is different to a conventional dog paddle, executing it more efficient and powerful.

4 Entertainer

There are many competitions where dogs can participate and win prizes, also advertising campaigns.

Here too, style is what counts. For the television commercials, the calm breeds are the easiest to work with.

But always be aware, the dog needs to identify with the job and be really obedient and satisfied with the task, otherwise, he may suffer from stress and other health problems related to his stamina and physical ability.

5 Shepherd

This must be one of the oldest tasks performed by dogs ever registered, and deeply addressed in one of our previous post: Relation Between Humans and dogs through the history.

Some dogs have a strong instinct to gather the pack and keep everything in order. These dogs are the shepherds, and dogs of the collie breed usually have this well-developed quality. Shepherd dogs are responsible for gathering and leading sheep on farms.

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6 Sled Dog

During the first expeditions to the south and north poles, the dogs were used for the delivery of supplies on the frozen terrains.

The breeds most prepared to perform this arduous profession are Siberian husky, Alaskan malamute, Greenland Dog, and Tamaskan.

7 Truffle Sniffer

Truffles are very rare mushrooms that only grow from September to December in some specific regions of Europe and cannot be cultivated.

Previously, it was the pigs who had the job to find it. But the pigs also eat truffles, So the truffles farmers started to train dogs to sniff these mushrooms from the underground. There is only one breed of dog that is specifically bred to sniff out these rare mushrooms, the Lagotto Romagnolo.  

8 Police Dog

Probably the most famous job performed by dogs, the famous K-9 can play diverse functions, including Detection, search and rescue, enforcing public order, and cadaver detection.  While many people picture German Shepherds as the typical police k-9, there are many other breeds used today on police forces like Malinois, Labs, Bloodhounds, and Beagles.

9 Watchdog

A well-trained dog can be more efficient than the most modern camera and security system to protect your property (not surprisingly, the Philosopher's Stone was guarded by a three-headed dog at Hogwarts). Watchdogs use their bark to ward off danger and many breeds, regardless of size, can do this job well!

10 Guide Dog

The guide dog is an assistant dog that works to improve the lives of their human companions allowing them to live more independently, helping with daily activities and improving their quality of life.

The first breed to perform this kind of job was the German Shepherd, nowadays the Labrador Retriever is the most famous breed when related with guide dogs. They are chosen when puppies and are raised to develop skills needed for the role.

If you are curious to know more tasks performed by dogs beyond these 10, I recommend you to watch: Dogs with Jobs a Canadian documentary television series about working dogs and show dogs. Each half-hour episode consists of two to three segments on individual dogs from around the world.