Relation Between Humans and dogs through the history.

Relation Between Humans and dogs through the history.

The relationship between men and dogs comes from our ancestors. Over the history, men have helped to create breeds, always thinking of improving partnership, promoting crossbreeding, including the need for companionship and affection. They are more than our friends.

Trough the theory of evolution science consider that all dogs evolved from certain packs of prehistoric wolves, predators who transitioned from hunting us to hunting with us.  35,000 years ago our stone-age ancestors started to create new technologies that improved our ability of hunting, turning our specie into predators, leading the ancestral dogs to adapt more differential behavior to survive in our presence.

Wolves followed the men to take advantage of the remains of food. Instinctively they realized that besides the tribes would have easy food and began to divide the territory. With the wolves nearby, the men noticed that they were more protected from attacks from other animals and allowed the approach.

From being domesticated to help to domesticate. When the mankind began agriculture and shepherd activities, specific breeds of dogs started to have the function of leading cattle, in Egypt, dogs were worshiped as knowing the secrets of the other world, in Ancient Greece, fought alongside the armies of Alexander the Great, spreading throughout Asia and Europe. Been brought by humans during migrations emerging also in ancient Roman,  Assyrian, Gaulish, and pre-Columbian cultures, having their history been told beside of man.

During the Renaissance small breeds of dogs began to make part of rich class ambient. During this period, canines were used for hunting and were carefully raised within the kennels of each castle. With families free to develop their own races, the varieties of each region began to emerge. These new races were considered treasures not found anywhere else in the world, and therefore, given as a gift among the nobility because they represent a great sign of wealth. This attitude helped to spread the variety even more and to preserve certain races when in their place of origin they were exterminated. Ahead, also in Europe, the dogs of companions were born, since the appreciation for them grew, as one saw the fidelity.

The dog became a pet only in the twentieth century, already adapted to the ways of life of humans, due to its ability to make different environments the best possible, and to turn their learning abilities to domestication. It is said that this mutual relationship between the two most numerous carnivores in the world is due to understanding and canine brain evolution in understanding what people want.

“What if we could be like heroes in a fantasy and be accompanied by a fully customizable side kick? A creature so complementary to our way of life that it offered a kind of superhuman partnership. A guardian whose senses were keener than those of a genius detective, a protector with speed and endurance beyond that of an Olympian, and a friend whose courage rivaled the bravest warrior? What if this companion kept us as playful as a child even into old age, and just a little wild even through the most refined routines? And what if, despite its endless gifts, it appeared to enjoy the partnership even more than we did? Where on earth would we find such a being? Among the monsters of the forest might seem the least likely place. But as it turns out, that is exactly where they came from. For these beings are no fantasy, and we need not be a hero to have them by our side, even though our dogs often make us feel like one.”

  • - Brad Harris